Let me introduce myself

Bild von Martina Johanna Janssen Handlettering Bremen.

I decided to use German as language on my website, which is my mother tongue. But for all English speaking people out there: Hi there – nice to meet you!

„MJ“ stands for Martina Johanna (Johanna is my middle name), I am from Bremen a lovely town in Germany. I am media computer science student (it’s all about design&code of digital media) but meanwhile I have got hand lettering commissions and orders as well. I started doing hand letterings in 2014, while I used to live in amazing Amsterdam. I was inspired by handwritten letterforms you can find there almost everywhere, fell in love and got hooked to hand lettering.

lettering by mj in pictures

I love to play with different brushes, pens, colors and styles

Find a more examples of my works in my GALLERY or on Instagram @lettering_by_mj

Let´s get in touch

hey, you can send me a mail using my mail address hello@lettering-by-mj.com

Happy to hear from you, Martina Johanna.

 lettering by mj – in the world wide web

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