Allow me to introduce …

… hi – I am Martina Johanna and I live in beautiful Bremen in Germany. I am media computer science student with passion for design and code of digital media and hand lettering. I love the beauty of nice typography and pretty handwritten letterforms.

In 2014 I used to live in Amsterdam, inspired of the Amsterdam pubs, bars and store windows I started hand lettering. In the city I took pictures of nice typography and beautiful hand lettering.
At home I worked with simple pencils, sharpies and paper doing my first own letterings. This is one of my first letterings and my first post on Instagram in April 2014.
hi there

Little by little I bought new pens, like a brush pen which is still one of my favorite.
„Absofuckinglutly“ was one of my first words, that I wrote with the brush pen.

Meanwhile I have a large collection of pencils, brushes, and pens.

Soon I will tell you more about my lettering tools

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